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Sewer Location Services in St. Petersburg, FL

We were called to locate a sewer for a homeowner in St Petersburg. They had a prior company come out to locate the sewer only to find out they had marked the wrong spot. This cost the homeowner a lot of time wasted digging in the wrong area.

High Water Bill Remediation in Seminole, FL

A homeowner in Seminole contacted us after receiving two very high water bills AND after having a new hot water heater installed. Turns out there was a slab leak on a hot water copper pipe under the concrete in the laundry room next to the water heater. If you receive a high water bill, call us! Usually, an abnormally high water bill is the sign of a hidden water leak.

Locating Leaks With ZERO Power | Irma Aftermatrh

Not even a natural disaster like Irma can stop I Find Leaks. Today we were out to a customer's home where we located a water leak with zero power. There were even linemen working on the lines right behind the home. If you are suffering from a water leak and need help now, please call us. We will find you leaks come hurricane or shine!

Stop Digging To Find Water Leaks, There's An Easier Way

A local mobile home park spent 5 days trying to dig to the source of a water leak. After spending hours and day trying to dig to the source of the leak, they found us and gave us a call. Within an hour, we were able to use our ultrasonic leak detection equipment to quickly and easily pinpoint exactly where the leak was originating from. Don't kill your back, call us as soon as you see the signs of a water leak!

How To FInd a Water Leak Under Slab in Redington Beach Florida

We are able to use our ultrasonic leak detection equipment to locate leaks on plumbing pipes under slabs. We were able to minimize the damage to this pool deck by locating a leak on a plumbing line that feeds a foot wash station down by the beach. When locating leaks under a slab or driveway, it is important to use equipment that has ultrasonic capabilities. Without the ultrasonic leak detector, we would have had to excavate the slab and pavers along the plumbing line until the moisture was found. This would have cost the property owner thousands of dollars in unneeded expenses. Hire us if...Read More

Sewer Gas Leak Found By I Find Leaks

This home owner called us in regards to a really bad sewer odor in her kitchen. She was afraid she had a sewer gas leak and was in the process of putting the home on the market. The house was built just two years ago and she was very concerned something was incorrectly installed in her plumbing system when the house was built. With our sewer odor testing smoke machine, we were quickly able to detect exactly where the sewer gas leak was coming from.

Drain Water Leak in Stack | Call I Find Leaks: 866-606-LEAK | Clearwater, FL

Check out this little clip of a leak detection we performed in Clearwater. This leak occurs when the kitchen sink or dishwasher are run. The leak is located in a block wall behind the kitchen sink. If you are experiencing a leak of any kind and need immediate assistance locating the leak, call us 866-606-LEAK (5325) we can locate the leak and save you hundreds of dollars on your high water bills.

Water Leak Detection In Seffner Home

A high water bill led our customer right to our doorstep. We were dispatched to this Seffner home to perform an electronic water leak detection. Not only did we find the water leak, this happy customer saved hundreds on their water bill! Check out the video below showing the water leak detection process. If you need leak detection and live in Seffner, FL please call us 866-606-LEAK or visit us on the web.

Accurate Leak Detection Keeps THIS from happening!

We find leaks the first time the right way! A Palm Harbor condo complex called I Find Leaks out to a job to find a leak another company couldn't find. The other company dug a trench looking for a leak in a condo bedroom. It turns out the leak was located in an adjacent condo and not the condo they were digging in. Call I Find Leaks first for leak detection services which will save you time and money!

MONSTER Water Leak Found In Clearwater Home

We have the specialized leak detection equipment needed to locate hidden water leaks. In this particular service call, we located a MONSTER leak in a Clearwater, FL home. We, of course found it and we now have a happy homeowner with repairs on the way! [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Check out our services![/button]

A leak on a CPVC water line underneath a concrete slab in Brandon, FL

A great example with video of a leak on a CPVC water line underneath a concrete slab house in Brandon Florida causes a house flood. This water pipe was split which caused the leak and flood.    

Water Leak on CPVC pipe in Tampa

A small water leak was causing water to show up in a Tampa home with no spin on the water meter. Very small water leaks will not cause the water meter to spin. We were able to locate the source of the leak using state of the art leak detection technology. [button link=""] Visit our website![/button]

How To Find a Water Leak in Largo Florida

I Find Leaks uses technology in order to pinpoint hidden water leaks under concrete slabs. In this video we pinpointed a water leak under a concrete slab on a 1/2" copper pipe. By using our technology we minimize damage when finding water leaks to your valuable property. [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Contact Us![/button]          

How To Find a Water Leak in Tarpon Springs, FL

I Find Leaks uses the latest technology available to locate hidden water leaks. This commercial property had been experiencing very high water bills with no noticeable water leak until we dug up the ground surrounding the water leak. [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Contact Us![/button]        

Hole in Sewer Drain Pipe Brandon Florida

A sewer video inspection of a plumbing drain line in Brandon Florida reveals a hole in the cast iron drain pipe. You can see the hole just after the sewer camera passes through a 90 degree plumbing fitting. [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Contact Us![/button]        

Brandon Florida Sewer Inspection

Sewer video inspection of 2 sewer vent stacks leading to main sewer line under house. The homeowner has been experiencing issues with sewer back ups on the east side of the house. These lines are filled with dirty, greasy water which prevents us from getting a clear picture of the condition of the sewer pipe. [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Contact Us![/button]        

Sewer Vent Stack Inspection Tampa

This inspection was performed using a fiber optic camera which was run down the plumbing vent stacks from the roof of this Tampa property. A large amount of cast iron scale was found in the vent stacks.          

Sewer Video Inspection underneath Clearwater home

Sewer Video Inspection underneath Clearwater home to check for breaks or obstructions in the sewer line. This is what a sewer system in good condition should look like. [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Visit our website![/button]      

Clearwater Flood Damage

Relative humidity plays a large factor when dealing with water damage in Clearwater and Tampa Bay area homes and businesses. The team at I Find and Dry leaks uses hygrometers to test indoor humidity levels as well as outdoor humidity levels. Once a water damage event or indoor flood occurs, equipment such as dehumidifiers are installed inside the home in order to bring down relative humidity levels. By also installing fans or air movers, the process of evaporation is used to remove water from water damaged walls, ceilings, floors and cabinetry. The air movers blow across the water damaged...Read More

Pipe Leaks Cause Water Damage

Hidden water leaks on copper pipes can cause water damage to wood flooring, drywall, and cabinetry. The team at I Find Leaks uses the latest technology on the market today to locate hidden water leaks. In many cases, pipe leaks will occur and the damage may not be in the immediate vicinity of the water leak. Often times, water will show in the middle of hallways or door ways instead of exactly where the leak is occurring. This is due to the construction of homes in the Tampa Bay area as well as the path the water will take when it travels along wood studs attached to your concrete slab...Read More

Water Heater Explosion

Do you have a part time residence in Florida?  Do you have a check list of preventive measures to take when you leave the property and go back home for the summer?  I Find Leaks recommend one of the items on the list should be turning the water and electrical service off and draining the water heater prior to departure.  Many times we have been called to a part time residence to find while our customer had been away small leaks in the hot water heater had developed.  These leaks can be pinhole leaks in a supply line or leaks because the hot water heater tank itself had failed, usually...Read More

How To Dry Wet Walls

How do I dry wet walls after a house flood? This is a question the team at I Find and Dry Leaks receives on a regular basis. The first step to treating water damage after a house flood or a broken water pipe is to identify where all of the moisture is. In many cases, you cannot see all of the water damage with the naked eye. Wet things like to be dry and dry things like to be wet. This is the first thing to keep in mind after a water damage event occurs in your Tampa Bay home or office. Water also travels and follows the path of least resistance. It often follows studs that are anchored into...Read More

How Do I Prevent Mold in my House?

How Do I Prevent Mold in my House? There are several ways you can prevent Florida black mold from growing in walls and crevices in places that you cannot see it. Typically once you see black mold in your Tampa Bay area home or office, there is more than likely much more of it that you cannot see. Water is the food source for mold to "activate". Without water, mold cannot start growing and forming colonies. Colonies are the spots or "rot" that you see when black mold starts to show itself in Florida homes. Water can be introduced to a home in several different ways. Water damage caused by a...Read More

How to Keep Your Washing Machine From Leaking

How can I prevent my washing machine from leaking? Have you replaced the hot and cold water supply lines to your washer in the last five years?  Have you had the drain line for your washing machine serviced?   On more than one occasion, I Find and Dry leaks has responded to and cleaned up water damage caused by supply lines breaking or from drain lines backing up in the laundry rooms of our customers.  Water supply lines for washing machines are capable of producing up to 12 gallons a minute when they burst.  That is a lot of water pouring out of the broken supply lines causing water...Read More

Under Foundation Leak in Treasure Island Florida

The team at I Find Leaks was called out to Treasure Island by a panicked homeowner who experienced a very high water bill. The homeowner was a very handy gentleman who decided to try and locate the water leak himself. He found a spot outside on the east side of his Treasure Island home that seemed to be saturated with water. After turning off the water and digging down in the suspected area of the water leak, he found what he thought was the water leak. After excavating the area, he turned the city water back on and discovered water rushing out from under the foundation of his home. Leaking...Read More

Safety Harbor Florida High Water Bill Leads to Slab Leak in Garage

A Safety Harbor Florida home owner had an issue with a high water bill. They could not see any water leaking on their property and ensured no toilets were running. After exhausting all of their resources, they decided to call I Find Leaks. The team at I Find Leaks utilizes technology in order to pinpoint water leaks no matter where they are located. In this particular case, the water leak was on a copper pipe located underneath the concrete slab of this home in Safety Harbor. As you can see in the video, we made a small hole in the concrete in order to expose the leaking water pipe so that...Read More

High Water Usage Notice from City in Clearwater Florida

A Clearwater resident contacted us in regards to a city notice of high water usage. High water bills and large amount of water usage can be attributed to water leaks and possibly slab leaks (water leaks underneath the concrete that you cannot see). The first thing we recommend Florida residents to check when they receive a high water bill is their water meter. On every city water meter, their is either a triangle or a small wheel called a leak indicator. If all of the water is turned off in your home or business, and the leak indicator is spinning, you have a leak somewhere on your...Read More

Multi Level Water Damage Cleanup Project Begins in Clearwater, FL

The I Find Leaks team is working on a 10+ story multi level water damage cleanup on Clearwater Beach. If you own a condo and leave town for either weeks or months, remember to shut off your water valve. In this case, a water heater exploded on the 19th floor and has affected at least 10 units under it.  

Pin Point Accuracy With Our Leak Detection Service

When we are called out to a leak detection job we ensure pin point accuracy when it comes to locating your water leak. We try to minimize any extra excavation required to locate the source of a water leak. This photo shown illustrates one of our leak detection technicians locating a pinhole that developed in a water service main line. We found the underground water leak and quickly resolved the customer's problem with very very minimal excavation. Call us if you are experiencing a higher than normal water bill. We will locate the leak the right way.  

Moisture Removal Behind Cabinets

We love our work. This photo illustrates our cabinet moisture removal process. When we are finished here, there will be zero moisture behind these cabinets. [button link="" type="big"] Visit us on the web[/button]

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