Infrared Electronic Leak Detection

Water damage in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tamp area can be devastation to any home or business. After a flood occurs, it is very important to properly dry out all wet building materials. Traditional methods of determining which walls, floors, and ceilings are wet was to probe them creating small holes, or by cutting larger holes in them. With our infrared water damage inspection equipment we can visually see which walls, floors and ceilings are wet. Infrared water damage inspection technology allows us to properly place dry out equipment targeting the areas in your Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater home or business where the water damage equipment will be the most efficient saving you time and money.

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What Is the Infrared Water Damage Inspection Service?

Infrared technology has been available in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater for over a decade. The machines used to perform the infrared water damage inspection service have become very advanced and results are instantaneous. Our infrared water damage inspection equipment fits in the palm of your hand and produces very good infrared images. We also use our infrared water damage inspection equipment to locate water leaks in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater homes and businesses. We use the latest infrared water damage inspection equipment available on the market today. We can even email you infrared inspection images while on site at your Pinellas our Hillsborough county property. These infrared inspection images can be used as documentation for your insurance company as well as evidence should the need for litigation arise by improperly performed water damage mitigation services.

Technologically Advanced Imagery

Take a look at the following photos. They illustrate how our infrared camera inspections detect moisture that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

 Infrared Leak Detection Tampa  Infrared Leak Detection Tampa
 Infrared Leak Detection Tampa  Infrared Leak Detection Tampa


Trained Infrared Water Damage Inspection Technicians

All of our Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater infrared water damage inspection technicians have gone through a rigorous training course in the field of infrared water damage inspection technology. This will ensure all infrared water damage inspections are performed accurately. Infrared water damage inspections must be performed by a water damage specialist to ensure accuracy. Infrared water damage inspections can also be used to ensure a property is properly dried after the event of a flood. We use our infrared water damage inspection equipment after every water damage or flood project to ensure your property is properly dried. If our infrared water damage inspection reveals any wet areas in your Tampa, Clearwater or St. Petersburg property, we haven’t done our job and we won’t stop until your property is moisture free. Have peace of mind that no mold or mildew will form in your property after the devastating effects of water damage. Call us for an infrared water damage inspection today.

24 Hours 7 Day Per Week Infrared Water Damage Inspection Service

We are available to Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg residents 24 hours per day to respond to water damage emergencies as well as perform infrared water damage inspections. If you have any questions regarding our infrared water damage inspection service, feel free to give us a call. We do not use an answering service so you can rest assured that your question will be answered by a qualified infrared water damage inspection specialist.

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