Disaster Flood Relief

We are preferred by and work with many Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater area storm damage insurance carriers. Not all storm damage companies are the same as not all insurance carriers will respond the same way to storm damage. As a home or business owner, you are able to pick the restoration company that will handle your storm damage insurance claim. We work with hundreds of Tampa Bay area storm damage insurance carriers and we guarantee to make the storm damage claim as easy as possible for you. We can perform temporary roof repairs, and begin the water damage dry out process after the effects of storm damage prior to your insurance company even scheduling an adjuster to come out to your property. This is favorable by the storm damage insurance carrier as the longer a property is exposed to the effects of flooding and other storm damage, the more money they will have to pay out for the storm damage claim. Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater residents are advised to get a storm damage contractor involved as soon as possible after the effects of storm damage. Don’t let storm damage do more damage to your home or business by doing nothing and waiting on an insurance adjuster to show up. We can even call the storm damage claim into your insurance company for you! After an adjuster is assigned to your storm damage claim, one of our on staff estimators will be assigned to your project and meet your insurance adjuster on site at your home or business.

The Storm Damage Relief Process

After storm damage occurs in the Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater area our job is to minimize the direct effect of the storm damage as quickly as possible. We will perform a temporary repair on any doors, windows and roofs to ensure if the rain continues the rain or flood water will not cause additional damage to your home or business. We will then start our water or wind damage restoration process ensuring we accurately locate any wet building materials in your Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater property. The dry out process will be started the same day we are called in the wet areas of your property. If water damage restoration is not started shortly after storm damage occurs, you risk a larger problem of mold and mildew growth. It is much less invasive to Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg properties to perform water damage services after storm damage than it is to perform mold removal services. If mold and mildew is already present, we will begin the mold and mildew restoration process. Typically an insurance adjuster will arrive on site during the water or mold restoration process after storm damage occurs. If a large storm has passed through, they may be backed up with many storm damage claims and it could take some time for them to reach your Pinellas or Hillsborough county property.

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